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The cargo community in India has to grapple with many challenges to perform its core job- that of moving the cargo from one place to another safely and within time & budget. The movement of cargo in the Indian supply chain gets affected on account of multiple factors which contribute to higher lead time in the movement of cargo, increased paper work, delays and resulting loss due to wastage. These inefficiencies have created serious non-tariff barriers in India and have resulted in logistics costs as high as 13% - amongst the highest in the world.

What is needed is a collaborative effort to streamline the flow of goods & information across the supply chain. UPLIFT as “the platform of choice” for the Cargo Community in India helps perform all the Trade Transactions electronically, thereby getting rid of manual operations, paperwork and redundant data entry. Experts believe that 0.5% reduction in a country’s Logistics costs leads to 2% increase in GDP and 40% increase in its exports competitiveness.

Successful adoption of UPLIFT promises to deliver much more savings to the entire Cargo Community. UPLIFT addresses the key challenges faced by the cargo community stakeholders employing the air mode of transportation.


Shipper’s Situation - Shippers (manufacturers and or merchant exporters) incur higher logistics costs due to lack of shipment visibility. For instance an exporter exporting intermediate material for a manufacturing needs to ensure that the shipment reaches the consignee in the agreed timeline. The shipper has difficulty in establishing the exact movement of the cargo and is unable to provide the shipment visibility information to the importer. If the shipment doesn’t reach in time the resulting stoppage of assembly line could result in significant losses to the importer. To avoid this importer may resort to stocking greater inventory resulting in higher inventory costs. This in turn has an adverse impact on the competitiveness of the Indian export industry.Even if the shippers’ internal ERP systems are one of the best in the world yet they are of no help in interacting with partners such as Forwarders, CHA, Transporter, Banks and Consignee.

Lack of complete automation in current industry processes and procedures creates many hurdles in Shipper’s business. UPLIFT addresses all the major challenges faced by the shippers at present and also provides an interface for their internal system to exchange data directly with UPLIFT.

  • Multiple follow-ups with forwarders for rate enquiry, shipment status and sending updates to consignees
  • Tracking enquiries and quotes received involves a lot of efforts and costs
  • Duplication of efforts in shipment data entry and transmission to the forwarder
  • Document transmission to forwarder happens only via fax/ e-mail or with physical cargo
  • Lack of cargo/shipment visibility
  • Increased costs to make systems compliant with e- freight & Cargo2000 standards
  • Lack of automation in filing, storage and tracking of documents renders historical data unavailable
  • To get information on service providers – the shipper has to screen multiple-data sources which are not always accurate.
  • Manual operations in challan filling, making payments with banks for export duty, invoices settlements etc.
UPLIFT Features
  • Shipper can enter shipment data and send it to the forwarder online
  • Shipper and Forwarder can upload shipment data from excel or other file formats on UPLIFT
  • e-Docket feature enables e-transmission of shipment documents and its archival
  • Checks & validations during shipment booking prevent entry of junk data into the system
  • Shipper can receive status updates via SMS/ e-mails
  • UPLIFT supports compliance to e-Freight and Cargo 2000
UPLIFT Benefits
  • ‘Single point for data entry’ thus saving time, efforts & costs
  • Float multiple RFQ’s at a single click to designated service providers
  • Single window view helps the shipper to manage & track status of multiple RFQ’s floated
  • UPLIFT provides HAWB for validation & approval to ensure quick cargo clearance
  • Pre-defined formats for enquiries & booking requests to integrate with shipper’s internal system.
  • Online chat facility helps shipper renegotiate on individual quotes
  • Select milestones to schedule automatic emails/SMS/status updates
  • Create & transmit shipping documents online
  • A document checklist helps ensure compliance
  • Upload documents & image files
  • Shipper can make online payments through UPLIFT


Forwarder’s Situation - A forwarding organization co-coordinating the entire shipment movement has to interact with several stakeholders and most of these interactions are manual or semi-automated. The forwarder has to enter the same shipment data in at least 6-7 different systems during the movement of goods which results in delays, increased costs and errors. This leads to a situation where a forwarder has little time to strategize & plan for business expansion and is forced to focus his energy in dealing with day-to-day operational challenges.

UPLIFT addresses forwarders issues and provides them with a single window for all stakeholder interactions. It also provides a facility for them to automate their internal business functions. At the same time, it interfaces seamlessly with their existing internal systems to improve the efficiency of operations and visibility.

  • Excessive data entry/administration costs
  • Lack of transparency resulting in penalties and delays
  • Frequent follows-ups with airlines, shippers, custodians
  • Increased communication costs
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Ever changing compliance standards
UPLIFT Features
  • Forwarder can view RFQ’s floated by shippers
  • Forwarder can view airline schedules.
  • Forwarder gain access to profiles of multiple service providers (airlines & other 3PL providers)
  • View past shipment records from the shipper
  • Forwarder can float RFQs and avail booking services online
  • Forwarder can create & forward quotes online to multiple shippers
  • UPLIFT allows quotation revision as well as receipt, evaluation & re-negotiation of quotes
  • E-Payments of Customs cess, duty and TSP charges
  • Online filing of SB, BoE & CGM on ICEGATE
  • Interact with Customs, custodian, banks and airlines via EDI messages
  • Send/receive pre-alerts on UPLIFT
  • Search based access HS codes
  • Updates on customs notifications & circulars
  • Online transmission and receipt of shipment documents & AWBs
  • UPLIFT provides end-to-end shipment visibility
  • It provides a single window to all custodians
UPLIFT Benefits
  • Forwarders can carry out online booking with multiple airlines
  • A single point of data entry in the entire supply chain helps save communication costs
  • Forwarder can check flight schedules and space availability on UPLIFT
  • UPLIFT facilitates online exhibition space for the community to buy, sell or promote services
  • End-to-end shipment visibility(cargo, documents & information) raises customer satisfaction
  • Forwarder can enhance the speed through online submission of SB, BoE and CGM
  • Real-time status updates, alerts and acknowledgements help the forwarder to provide proactive response to the shipper
  • Online filing of CGM will result in savings (due to elimination/reduction in penalties)
  • With UPLIFT , a forwarder can access a single portal to connect to multiple custodians for creation of TSP receipts
  • UPLIFT interfaces with the Forwarder’s internal operation system in pre-defined formats using flat file, csv, xml and xls

Airline Situation –At present the Airlines in India do not get the shipment data electronically from the forwarder, since most of the forwarders do not have the capability for creating and transmitting the shipment data electronically. With the advent of UPLIFT, the shipment data including booking, HAWB, MAWB and manifest will flow directly into airlines operation systems (which are global and in other geographies receive such data electronically). Today airlines have to incur significant cost for this documentation and then managing the paper also becomes another cumbersome task. The airlines also do not get shipment visibility before the shipment reaches airport thereby making operational planning difficult for them.

UPLIFT addresses these key concerns of Airlines by providing a “one stop solution”.

  • Receive enquiry & booking requests manually which increases costs and reduces profitability and there is no audit trail for future reference
  • Manual data entry into the internal system for booking & AWB data increases costs, reduces profitability and delays transportation
  • Heavy charges incurred to interface with customs and compliance issues add to the costs
  • Lack of visibility of cargo at the airport hampers the entire planning process for flights causing service failures / offloads
  • Airlines suffer revenue loss because of inability to reach the fragmented market efficiently
  • Airlines have to access multiple custodian websites for carting order approval & tracking status due to lack of consolidated view of all the cargo handled at an airport
  • Lack of validations for the data received from the forwarder leads to inaccuracy & variance
  • Airlines find it difficult to comply with global initiatives such as e-freight which adds to increased costs in storage / maintenance of physical documents.
  • In case of loss of papers, airlines failure to reproduce critical documents may result in penalties
  • Inappropriate charges on Waybills cause erroneous AWB information which in turn leads to revenue leakage & redundant data entry
  • Unavailability of a forum to advertise to different / remote markets of the Indian logistics community leads to ineffective brand building of airlines
UPLIFT Features
  • Electronic receipts of booking requests are delivered to airlines through UPLIFT
  • UPLIFT enables electronic receipt of Waybill data like MAWB/HAWB
  • UPLIFT provides customs interface for transfer of data like IGM / EGM / AMS/ EU customs
  • Airlines receive alerts from custodian / agent
  • Single window to custodians for sharing carting orders and shipment status
  • Proper validations provided at the data entry point during shipment booking and AWB processing
  • UPLIFT features e-dockets to store data like scanned images of MAWB / HAWB
  • UPLIFT helps airlines in disseminating rates to agents through a single channel
  • Airlines can leverage UPLIFT platform as advertising channel to communicate discounts & offers to entire community
Uplift Benefits
  • Airlines can now receive queries for schedules and availability online resulting in reduced efforts in handling enquiries
  • Online receipt of RFQ, Quotation floating and negotiation helps improve efficiency
  • E-submission of AWBs reduces the need for double data entry
  • Online filing of Manifests (FFM), issuance of Carting Order and online communication with customs helps reduce errors
  • Automation helps generate CAN, CSR / Invoice and deliver personalized alerts and messages to trade partners
  • Airlines can also drive business engagements & initiatives online through e-meetings and web casts
  • UPLIFT helps community members share & acquire industry best practices
  • Airlines can also utilize UPLIFT for advertisement of spot offers, discounts and rates
  • Uplift presents business opportunities for targeted marketing
  • Airline customer experiences improved customer service
  • Airlines realize cost savings from reduced paper-work, reduced communication costs & reduced upkeep of systems for interfaces with customs and custodians
  • With UPLIFT, the Airlines remain compliant to global initiatives such as e-freight / C2K
  • Airlines can receive status updates on cargo movement to and within airport terminal

Custodians Situation- For Indian Custodians UPLIFT addresses their key concerns making it a much awaited community solution

  • Unable to receive shipment data electronically from the forwarders/ airlines as forwarders do not have electronic data transmission ability and airlines have not amended their centralized systems to suit Indian operations.
  • At present they have to deal with a lot of congestion at the airports due to lack of visibility of shipments before they arrive at the airports.
UPLIFT Features
  • Uplift facilitates online receipt of validated shipment data
  • Proactive milestone alerts
  • Create Terminal Charges (TSP)
  • Make Online TSP payments
UPLIFT Benefits
  • Shipment data gets populated online in the Custodian’s system through MAWB
  • Online intimation of e-payments made for TSP and Demurrage
  • Reducing congestion at the airport within given infrastructural constraints
  • Getting more proactive alerts for preventing service failures
  • Better Customer Satisfaction by bringing better visibility to trade
  • Better compliance to initiatives such as e-freight and cargo 2000

UPLIFT - for Airlines
UPLIFT - for Shippers
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